Adam Joseph
Going Where the Music Takes Him

Award Winning Independent Recording Artist Adam Joseph is creating a buzz worldwide with his smooth soulful voice and original eclectic style.

In 2007, he rocked the LGBT music scene with his sexy video, "Faggotty Intention" about seducing a straight man.  His self-produced debut music video "Flow With My Soul" was among the first indie label videos to make it into heavy rotation on MTV's LOGO Network.

Since 2009 he spends much less time on American soil and tells us why he's drawn to take his sound and live shows to Europe.

Creative Smiley Sassy Singing Gypsy 
You seem to spend a good deal of time in Europe and you’re
heading to Berlin for the summer. Tell us about what’s 
happening over there career-wise for you and how did it begin?

I've found a second home in Europe as a place to do a lot of live 
performing lately. I was introduced into the European market by my
friend (Nick Sinckler) who is based in Warsaw, Poland and is also a 
vocalist. We perform together a lot in Poland and I have co-written 
many songs with him. I started going over to Europe regularly in 2009
and have been able to perform all the way from Poland to Spain with lots 
of countries in between. This summer I'll be splitting my time 
between Warsaw and Berlin and the fun thing about being based 
in Europe for a few months is that you never know where you might 
end up!

When you perform live over there do you use musicians from the
areas you are in or do you work with DJ’s and your own backing 

I mostly play in dance clubs so I'm usually singing over DJ's but I have worked with lots of great musicians as well. My act consists of me performing my original dance music and tons of my favorite classic house and pop songs. Most of my shows are strongly based on improvisation and interaction with the DJ. I have worked with lots of different DJ's so it's great because you never get the same exact show and I never really know what's coming next.

Tell us your thoughts on the European music 
scene. How does it differ from North America?

I love the Euro scene! There are so many talented 
musicians and so much great new music out there.
I feel like the American scene is more about marketing
and stardom and the Euro market is more concerned
with the live performance.

Give us some background on  “Don’t Touch Me.”

That's Gomi & Kindbud's latest single. I did a remix for 
the song. 
My latest single is called "High (On Your Love)" by Gomi & Adam Joseph. I wrote and sang the song and Gomi produced the music. I began working with Gomi when he signed my previous single "Turn Me Out". Both of the songs are released on Gomination Records. 

I also have a side project with DJ Nita called BROOKLYN IS BURNING and our debut single "Movin 2 Fast" was just released last week on Get Up Recordings!

What is your opinion on artists giving away their music for free?

I think it can be a good way to promote yourself. It seems that paying for music is becoming a thing of the past. 

How do you balance your personal life with so much travel…or is there someone in Europe? C’mon, you we promise not to tell anyone!

I started going to Europe only thinking of music but now I have an even better reason to go back.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for you as an Independent artist and as an openly Out LGBT artist…or does it make any difference?

The biggest challenge as an independent artist is that you have a lot of responsibilities and roles that you need to play. As far as being out, It has helped me in the LGBT market but hasn't stopped me from performing as a mainstream artist, so I think in the end it has only enhanced my career.

How have you changed as a person in the past 5 years?

I've gotten tougher and learned when to say no. The music industry will take advantage of you whenever you give it the chance so hopefully you learn with experience.

Is there one thing you wish you had done differently in your career so far?

I wish I would have started even sooner.

What is your idea of being “successful?”

Doing what you want when you want.

What are your goals for the next 5 years…what would you like to be doing?

More Songs, More Shows, More Money, More Hoes.

Describe yourself in 5 words.

Creative Smiley Sassy Singing Gypsy 

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RightOutTV talks to Adam Joseph
 I feel like the American (music) scene is more about marketing
and stardom and the Euro market is more concerned
with the live performance.