Avi Wisnia
Releases Sky Blue Sky
This month, award-winning singer/songwriter Avi Wisnia releases his newest single, “Sky Blue Sky,” available exclusively in digital format wherever music is sold and streamed online.

The songwriter’s vivid summer memories inspired this distinctively breezy bossanova song. Playing music on the Brazilian Ipanema beach, hiking along the Italian Amalfi coast, sailing in the San Francisco bay, lounging on the rooftops of Philadelphia – these images came flooding back to Avi as he lay on the sand in Cape May, New Jersey, trying to overcome songwriter’s block. The perfect blue sky above set the stage for a story of subtle attraction at a samba party on international waters.

Though he grew up outside of Philadelphia, Avi Wisnia’s deep appreciation for bossa nova reveals itself in many of the Brazilian-influenced songs from his 2 previous albums. Invited to tour Brazil in 2011, Avi met and befriended Bruno Migliari, a bassist and producer from Rio de Janeiro who has performed and recorded with top-tier Brazilian musicians such as Milton Nascimento, Ana Carolina, and Marcos Valle. The two made plans to work together, but returning to collaborate in Brazil became challenging, especially as Avi began to tour more extensively in the United States. Avi decided to defy logistical restrictions by launching an international musical experiment—recording via satellite.
 “I’ve always found technology challenging, and a little bit frightening,” jokes Wisnia. “But the idea of finding a way to record something organic between Philadelphia and Rio was really exciting. My song ‘Sky Blue Sky’ has its roots firmly in Brazil.” 
Wisnia and Migliari assembled a band of renowned Brazilian musicians in Rio, including Marco Lobo (Marisa Monte, Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso) on percussion, and Bernardo Bosisio (Nico Assumpção, Leila Pinheiro, Paulinho Moska) on guitar, in addition to Bruno Migliari on bass, while Wisnia recorded his parts in Philadelphia.

This cross-continental collaboration created a sophisticated summer song that seamlessly blends jazz, pop, and Brazilian rhythms, where instruments like the pandeiro, cavaquinho, and Avi’s trademark melodica playfully intertwine. “Sky Blue Sky” transcends geographical borders and extends to music lovers around the world just in time to celebrate the fleeting days of summer with the perfect song. Whether you are on vacation or dreaming to get away, Avi Wisnia’s new song captures the promise of possibility as clear as a blue summer sky.

About The Artist
Philadelphia singer/songwriter Avi Wisnia presents an eclectic mix of refreshingly original songs and inventive covers, finding inspiration in Brazilian bossa nova, acoustic American folk, 1950’s west-coast jazz, and contemporary pop. Avi’s clever lyrics give a knowing nod to his contemporaries, while his smooth vocals and deft piano skills assure you that this is truly something new. Avi has toured the country with his dynamic ensemble and his debut full-length album, Something New, performing in prestigious venues across the country – from The Kennedy Center in DC to The Philadelphia Museum of Art, giving a TED talk about “The Nature and Nurture of Bossa Nova” and even spending a month performing in Brazil. Avi has also performed alongside artists such as The Roots, Ani DiFranco, Arturo Sandoval, and Maroon 5. He is the winner of several consecutive OutMusic Awards for Outstanding Jazz Song of the Year, and RightOut TV Awards and was most recently named the MoBucks Music Awards Keyboard Player of the Year. His latest song Sky Blue Sky has been named a finalist in the Philadelphia Songwriters Project 2015 Songwriting Competition.

Praise for Avi Wisnia
"Philly native Avi Wisnia plays his own compositions reminiscent of a Brazilian Bossa Nova. Add in his soothing vocals and poetic lyrics and you’ve got something you’ve never heard before." - Helen Leicht (88.5 WXPN)

"Think acoustic Americana with Brazilian bossa nova. Drink a caipirinha, and enjoy the sounds that originated in warmer climates." - The L Magazine

"Completely refreshing. Startlingly clever. Lyrically brilliant." - Alyssa Rushbaum (music critic for SPIN, VIBE, and Rebel Spirit Music)

“Jazzy singer-songwriter Avi Wisnia has a Ben Folds-y way of weaving stories into his piano-driven songs." - Time Out New York

"Avi Wisnia brings something fresh to the singer-songwriter genre. From behind a keyboard he pours out his original songs influenced by bossa nova, folk, jazz and pop. His reference points alone would surely make him stand out from the crowd but his skill with lyrics and melody, combined with his humor and friendly tone, invite audiences to stick around and listen a while." - Sean Timmons (Artistic Director, Appel Farm Arts & Music Festival)
“The perfect soundtrack for the fleeting days of summer.”

Lower down the mast, Sailing out to sea 
The sun is setting fast behind us 
Silver shades and beer, just like a movie star 
Side to side, you play your cavaquinho 

sky blue sky blue sky 

Everyone we know has come to meet us here 
Leaving all the world behind us 
Throwing arms around, swaying with the wind 
Side to side, you play your cavaquinho 

sky blue sky blue sky 

Slowing down the tide, breathing deep the air 
The sun is rising fast behind us 
Your voice comes in waves, gentle on the breeze 
Worlds collide, you play your cavaquinho 

sky blue sky blue sky


Composition: Avi Wisnia 
Arrangement: Avi Wisnia + Bruno Migliari 
Produced by: Bruno Migliari (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 
Avi Wisnia + Daniel Harris Levine (Philadelphia, USA) 

Avi Wisnia: Vocals, Melodica and Fender Rhodes Electric Piano. 
Bruno Migliari: Acoustic Bass, Fender Rhodes Electric Piano, additional Percussion and Effects. 
Bernardo Bosisio: Acoustic Guitar and Cavaquinho. 
Marco Lobo: Percussion (Cajon, Snare, Cymbals, Pandeiro, Congas, Triangle, Shakers). 

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