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Answer Important Business Emails Within 48hrs

by Nathalie Callender & Marlee Walchuk on 01/08/12


The world is moving so much faster than it was and there an expectation that business emails are replied to promptly.

If you are self managed it is key that you have access to and are managing your business email even when you are on the road. We're not unrealistic - take a vacation when you need it and turn off your devices but the rest of the time you need to be on top of things.

If you travel a lot, look into a phone with a good data plan or get yourself a small laptop. These shouldn't be treated as luxuries that you purchase only when you have extra money. Keeping in touch is essential and investing in your career is what serious artists do.

Great opportunities often come with a quick deadline and it's a 'snooze you lose situation' in this business. Artists who get back to us fast and meet deadlines are much more likely to be at the top of our opportunity list next time.



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Marlee Walchuk has had a lifetime in the music business. A touring musician and recording artist, songwriter, theatre actor, event and record producer Marlee now primarily focuses on the music and promotion of Sugarbeach and the marketing of the artists on RightOutTV. 

In 2006 Nathalie Callender left behind her successful accounting business in Sydney, Australia, which she had built from a to a 60 staff firm, moved to Canada, created and grew 6 businesses in the entertainment, training and even the animal services industries. Now with roots well established in North America she not only performs, creates music and produces RightOutTV but is also an entrepreneurship instructor and coach. 

Nathalie Callender & Marlee Walchuk