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It's Not About Me? - How Marketing Has Changed

by Nathalie Callender & Marlee Walchuk on 03/11/12

If you spend any time reading marketing books and blogs you will have noticed that the whole way we're supposed to promote ourselves has changed. Drastically!

Some basics still exist, people need to know you, like you and trust you before they will be interested in buying from you or helping you.

Marketing is all about building relationships. Not just fake, "I'll be nice to you so I can get what I want from you" kind of relationships but sincere, taking an interest in  others,supporting them, giving them helpful information...sharing the love so to speak.

We're building a relationship with you now. We're happy to share information we've learned in hopes that you will find it useful, trust that our intentions are good (which of course they are) and we give you this "cleanly" without an expectation of getting something from you in return.

Now you see what happens is that you remember it was us who gave you this information and now you might have some trust for us as a result and sometime in the future, you might see another blog we've written, and you might think,  "Hey my friend could use this info" so you share it. Now that wasn't our expectation but it sure was nice of you. Now, if we see your share/tweet/comment we'll make sure we let you know how grateful we are for your support. That's it...we are building a marketing relationship.

The days of artists staying separate and aloof from their fans and media contacts, are over. As they need to know you and like you, get making your vlogs, blogs, behind the scenes clips, tweets, facebook...they want to see the real you. Why do you think reality TV is so big right now? We all crave connection.

You want a blogger to notice you and write about you? Go onto their site and give them some positive comments on the content you like. The last thing you want to do is lead with "Hey would you like to know about ME?!"

As artists we are not entitled to people supporting us so when they do, it's a gift. So give it back, because kindness is still the cornerstone of every great relationship. 

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Marlee Walchuk has had a lifetime in the music business. A touring musician and recording artist, songwriter, theatre actor, event and record producer Marlee now primarily focuses on the music and promotion of Sugarbeach and the marketing of the artists on RightOutTV. 

In 2006 Nathalie Callender left behind her successful accounting business in Sydney, Australia, which she had built from a to a 60 staff firm, moved to Canada, created and grew 6 businesses in the entertainment, training and even the animal services industries. Now with roots well established in North America she not only performs, creates music and produces RightOutTV but is also an entrepreneurship instructor and coach. 

Nathalie Callender & Marlee Walchuk