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Set the Stage with Your Introduction

by Nathalie Callender & Marlee Walchuk on 02/06/12

Your stage introduction is one of the most important aspects of your show. It gives the audience a sense of who you are and what you've accomplished. It can set you up for instant respect from a crowd and an expectation that something special is about to happen.

If you went to a party and a friend came over to you and said "I want you to meet this woman, she was the head of a major label and has launched hundreds of careers," your perception and interest in this person would be totally different that if you just ran into her at the punchbowl without knowing any of her background.

When you are set to perform in a show especially when there are multiple performers, send in an introduction that you have written to be forwarded to the MC or host of that event. Save them the time of going onto your website and looking up something to say about you.

Make it no longer than about 95 words and give your career highlights, awards won, well known artists you may have opened for or worked with, big gigs you've done, get creative...even make it funny if you can.

Now here's the best advice, take a copy of that intro and print it in big font, at least 22 (so it can be read without using glasses) and keep it in your pocket to hand to the MC at the event about 30 min before your set time. You want to give them enough time to look it over but not enough time to lose it. If they already have it, fantastic! If not, they will be grateful.

Take this responsibility on and control how you are presented. It's too important to leave it to very busy event coordinators.

If you are doing more laid back acoustic gigs, why not write something up and get a friend or room manager to read it before you start? You will still need to deliver a great show of course, but you'll be miles ahead with an audience who hears your first song knowing that you've done some amazing things and deserve their full attention.

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Marlee Walchuk has had a lifetime in the music business. A touring musician and recording artist, songwriter, theatre actor, event and record producer Marlee now primarily focuses on the music and promotion of Sugarbeach and the marketing of the artists on RightOutTV. 

In 2006 Nathalie Callender left behind her successful accounting business in Sydney, Australia, which she had built from a to a 60 staff firm, moved to Canada, created and grew 6 businesses in the entertainment, training and even the animal services industries. Now with roots well established in North America she not only performs, creates music and produces RightOutTV but is also an entrepreneurship instructor and coach. 

Nathalie Callender & Marlee Walchuk