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Why You Get Hired

by Nathalie Callender & Marlee Walchuk on 04/21/12

If you can fill a room or bring in a large crowd to a festival to see you then of course an event coordinator will want to hire you to perform. However, if they do and find you difficult or inflexible, it may be the last time you grace that particular stage.

The bottom line is that people want to hire artists that they like and know they can count on.

If you show up late for your backstage call or arrive slightly drunk or stoned... baby you are toast. As indie artists, we have to be 'more pro than the pros' to build trust and carve a great reputation for ourselves. Do want you want on your off time but when you arrive for your show, be at your best, well rehearsed, image thought out, on time or even early and be respectful to everyone involved... particularly the sound crew. Get to know your technicians' names so that if you need to get their attention over the mic, you aren't yelling "Hey dude behind the board, I can't hear myself!"

Festivals in particular can have last minute schedule changes and although it's important not to let anyone mistreat you, you need to keep an open mind and go with the flow when it comes to dealing with the unexpected. I have heard many horror stories about high and mid level artists whose behavior resembled that of a spoiled two year old and although they certainly would have pulled in a crowd, you won't hear the organizer say,  "I can't wait to have them back!"

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Marlee Walchuk has had a lifetime in the music business. A touring musician and recording artist, songwriter, theatre actor, event and record producer Marlee now primarily focuses on the music and promotion of Sugarbeach and the marketing of the artists on RightOutTV. 

In 2006 Nathalie Callender left behind her successful accounting business in Sydney, Australia, which she had built from a to a 60 staff firm, moved to Canada, created and grew 6 businesses in the entertainment, training and even the animal services industries. Now with roots well established in North America she not only performs, creates music and produces RightOutTV but is also an entrepreneurship instructor and coach. 

Nathalie Callender & Marlee Walchuk