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Your Winter Project - Film & TV

by Nathalie Callender & Marlee Walchuk on 07/23/12

They say that the touring indie musician is a dying breed. Not enough venues, too far apart, very little money. In most places, touring is really only feasible during the summer anyway, so why not tighten up your touring time. Shrink it, let's say June to August and spend the rest of the year working on your internet exposure and finding other ways to get your music heard and maybe make some money.

If you've got a good library of recorded songs, check into getting them into film and television. is a good site for connecting you with music libraries, A&R people looking for new acts and music supervisors looking for music for current projects. When possible, you will also get constructive feedback on what you could do to get more forwards to the ears that count.

CD Baby is currently advertising a service called MusicXray although I haven't tried it yet, it looks like it could be good. The point is, it's not easy to make a great living only playing live so why not spend the other 9 months out of the year, exploring opportunities that may take some time now, but could pay off big down the road. Most listings on call for submitted songs to be broadcast quality which can mean simple, clean home recordings. You can do these on anything from Garage Band to ProTools and Logic. In fact whatever you've got at home, if its been good enough for your CD's, chances are it's good enough for film and TV.

Most of what they are looking for is a universal lyric with no dates, places or peoples names. More general lyrics with not too much detail that can interfere with a storyline. Often the less production the and a guitar, ukelele, sitar, whatever, it's about creating a mood, emotion or atmosphere for a scene. You also need to own 100% of the copyrights to your songs. Pay attention to the songs underscoring the shows and movies you watch, think you can do just as well? I'll bet you can too!

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Marlee Walchuk has had a lifetime in the music business. A touring musician and recording artist, songwriter, theatre actor, event and record producer Marlee now primarily focuses on the music and promotion of Sugarbeach and the marketing of the artists on RightOutTV. 

In 2006 Nathalie Callender left behind her successful accounting business in Sydney, Australia, which she had built from a to a 60 staff firm, moved to Canada, created and grew 6 businesses in the entertainment, training and even the animal services industries. Now with roots well established in North America she not only performs, creates music and produces RightOutTV but is also an entrepreneurship instructor and coach. 

Nathalie Callender & Marlee Walchuk