Christine Martucci
An Open Book with a Happy Ending
She has been compared to Melissa Etheridge and Janis Joplin but we feel Christine Martucci is in a class all her own.

An indie artist winning the undying loyalty of thousands of fans by being honest about her struggles and her sexuality and  channeling it all into her kick-ass music.

She has certainly been in darker places in the past but with her 4th CD in the works, a healthier life and a longtime love, Christine Martucci is positive, strong and driving the Tucci Train!

RightOutTV Chats with Christine Martucci
Christine was named one of the 100 Women We Love by GO Magazine
She has opened for Gavin DeGraw, Michelle Branch, Patti Smyth and Scandal
Starred in her own confessional play, Breakfast with Janis at the Paramount Theatre in Ashbury, NJ
 I feel that we all can make a difference we all have a voice.
So tell us what’s been happening for you in the past year.

I have been working on my 4th studio album "crush" -  very excited.

How did your loyal following called the “Tucci Train” get started?

I think it was a comment on a message board and it just caught on, one of my fans posted a picture of a train exploding down the track and said" come on board the tucci train," so its kind of cool everytime I get a new fan, they write me and say I am now on the "tucci train"...I am so blessed.

We understand you’ve been working on a very large new album. Can you tell us about it and when we can expect to hear a first single from it?

Working on tracking the songs right now, its such a cool process; I love writing and recording new songs...I think the first single will be released in the fall. 

What causes are close to your heart?

Anything to help the LGBT community. I feel that
we all can make a difference we all have a voice.
GLAAD is one organization also the Human Rights

Christine, we would love to talk about this but
if you are not comfortable, we totally
understand. You underwent a significant
physical transformation fairly recently,
could you tell us about it and how you feel
now? Is life different in any way for you

I will never feel uncomfortable talking about the
surgery that changed my life! I am so happy to 
say I lost 130 lbs! I was so tired and in so much
pain, I felt like I was older then I am. I said that it's
time to make a change and December 29, 2011,
I went in for Gastric Bypass Surgery.
I feel great now, so much energy, I can do a show
for 3 hours if I needed to! It is the best thing that
ever happened to me physically. The cool thing is that my fans are inspired by my weight loss and I get emails all the time asking how I did it what the surgery entails, and some have had the surgery. It is such a blessing I am inspired by the love of my 
fans, really love them all, all my fans have been so supportive.

Okay we have to ask…single?...taken?...give us details –pleeease!

LOL I have been happily married for 12 years now to my beautiful wife Barbara. But hey I love to flirt!!! :) and my wife doesn't mind.

Finish this for us ” I still get nervous when…”

I am about to enter the stage..I still get butterflies in my
stomach. It keep me humble.

What would you say is the boldest thing you’ve ever done?

Joined the army, that was so out of my element, but I needed a change I needed to see the world and The Army called me. I am sure there will be more things that I will challenge myself with we all need to challenge ourselves everyday. (smile)

 What haven’t you done in your career or life that you still dream of doing?

Get my college degree. I am working on that right now, I always feel we need to always grow and better ourselves I am very excited to be taking classes to work on my goal this fall, I know its alot on my plate with a new album coming out, but I can make it work, always remember we all can have it all!

Is there anything you would like to say to LGBTQ youth?

Yes, always follow your heart; don't let anyone tell you that you are a second class citizen. Life will be tough sometimes but as long as you follow your dreams; and stay true to yourself you will be fine. :)

Thank you so much for great questions. And shout out to my awesome fun loving rocking Tucci Train I love you guys!!

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I feel great now, so much energy, I can do a show
for 3 hours if I needed to!