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"This is Love" what is the story behind the title of the album? Is that the title you had originally intended for the album?

Naming the album was sort of a last minute idea. Right before we were preparing to publish and finalize everything, my own voice in my head said;"This Is Love" just sounded so right to me. Originally the title was going to be "I Am Young Kaii " but then I thought I don't want it to seem like love & relationships is the only thing I'm about because my flow is far more flexible. Another reason why I decided to title it that is because I put a lot of heart and feelings into it so it's a way of me telling the audience/listeners,this is what REAL love is like. "This Is Love" ; ]

Recording your album, what was it like? The ups, the downs, the good, and the bad do tell all.

It's always so much fun being in the studio. It's my favorite place to be. I love working with my engineer, he's the best ever. I was working on this project in between performing;and traveling so it gave me some time to gather my thoughts on how I wanted to go about this project.

For an album that is considered mostly love songs: where did the motivation come from when writing the lyrics?

I was inspired by the experiences I had with some of my EX's on some of these records believe it or not . Others by simply being in love or losing someone you thought was the one for you. I was never the type of artist to write about love, at one point in my life I couldn't even picture myself recording on the topic. Thanks to my EX's I created an entire album on the topic lol life is crazy like that and that's also why I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason : ]

Which is your favorite song on the album and why?

It's hard to choose cause their each so unique. However I would have to say "Speechless" featuring  Courtney Bennett, because as soon as it comes on it just makes me want to dance.

What is the one thing you want your supporters to know about your album? 

All my supporters need to get this album, it's crazy hot, I got crazy talented producers on this record . It will make you, laugh, cry and dance. I put a lot of love and dedication to this and I hope you enjoy it. I'm a positive, hard working artist as many of you know and I really appreciate your love and support. 

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How does it feel to have completed your first full album?

It feels amazing, I feel accomplished , very proud of myself and very grateful. Major thanks to my crew that made it all possible. TeamKaii ALL DAY ! 

Without unity there is no community - Young Kaii quote

Hip Hop Artist Young Kaii Releases her First Full Album!