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LGBTI Out Music Artists Community
Cool Stuff
Matthew Presidente & Tara C Taylor perform Matthew's original 'Valentine's Day' from the album This City's Colors as part of the Haro Street Sessions
2014 MAC Award Winner- REV. YOLANDA !
Interesting projects, behind the scenes videos, vlogs 
and whatever else LGBT artists get up to.
Martine Locke rocking her acoustic at the "Deconstructed" CD Release Show.
Jeffery Straker with "Oh God I'm Cinderella" during dress rehearsal.
Summer Osborne and her wife Lori give you the updates on "Snowpocalypse!"
Sugarbeach-Taking their own float through the Vancouver Pride Parade 2008
Summer Osborne - Casa de Kelso House Concert
Lady Gaga Impersonator Athena Reich rehearses Applause 
Marck Angel is interviewed on The G-List Society and gives his feelings on the lack of support for LGBT Artists from bloggers and LOGO TV.
Afro-Metis recording artist Troy Jackson performs "Icons" at the Glad Day Bookshop~the oldest LGBTQ bookshop in the world.