Dan Paul Roberts
New CD - The Make UP
Dan Paul writes heartfelt ballads on piano. He's a gay, witchy romantic living in Brooklyn, NY. There he writes songs, draws drawings, and creates his own special life with a host of other magickal creatives. Originally from Texas, Dan Paul defies stereotypes.  
He has appeared in drag on Ugly Betty, posed for risque fashion magazine Next Door, as well as written and illustrated a series of children's books (http://lulu.com/danpaulroberts).

Dan Paul's songs are meant to be catalysts for change within the listener's emotional landscape, and his new album The Make Up offers something for the sensitive daydreamer in all of us--a chance to feel again.

Good eyes, nice teeth and a hot body are great, but it's a person's energy that ignites true passion in me​
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Does writing music come easy for you?

Honestly, it depends on the song. Some songs take months to write, even years. And some come out fully formed the first time I sit down to play something new.

What was the boldest move you've ever made?

Definitely moving to New York City. I had spent my entire life in a small section of Texas, and it's true, the longer you stay in a place, the harder it is to leave. But I had a huge breakup that, though it was painful at the time, ended up being the fuel that propelled me and my best friend, photographer Teresa Nasty, to come to the Big Apple and make our dreams come true.

Who do you admire in the LGBT Community?

RuPaul suddenly comes to mind. I love the way he's brought 
modern self-help thinking to competitive reality TV and 
effectively normalized drag culture for all of America.  

Tell us about your ‘coming out’ experience.

At this time I was still closeted at school but telling a select few
 people about my secret. Basically, my mom read some notes
 I had written to my friend Lula Mae at school about boys who I
 thought were cute (this was in Junior High in a tiny town called
 Archer City). Then my mom listened in on some of my 
telephone calls. When she had gathered all her evidence, she
 confronted me one Saturday afternoon. With tears in my eyes, 
I couldn't respond or even look at her. I was sent to a Christian 
psychiatrist in Dallas. However, after a short interview, the
therapist informed my mother that she should stay out of my 
business and let me figure it out for myself. Score one for the 
Christian Psychologist! I kept my sexuality a secret except to 
my closest friends all the way through high school. But when I 
went off to art school, I did it as an out and proud gay man.

Did you see any particular music artist as a kid that made you think…I want to do that!

Tori Amos. Sarah McLachlan. Jeff Buckley.

Do you have other artistic talents? Painting? Sculpting?

I draw. I do caricatures of people and even write and illustrate storybooks. You can see my drawings at http://danpaul.tumblr.com and my books are available at http://lulu.com/danpaulroberts

What do you find most attractive in 

Good eyes, nice teeth and a hot body 
are great, but it's a person's energy that
 ignites true passion in me. I met my 
current boyfriend in a dance club, but
 what I noticed about him (after I noticed 
his smoldering eyes and cute butt) was
 how easily he laughed, how honest, nerdy
 and guileless he was. That's what sold me.

What do you hope that people get or 
feel from your new CD?

This album expresses a lot of my deeper emotional impulses. I've always wanted to write an album like this. My hope is that it would touch people and allow them to connect with their own emotions--like how every time I listened to Tori's "Baker Baker" back in college, it could make me cry.  

How have you changed as a person in the past 5 years?

I feel like, since I've been living in NYC for the past five years, I've lived three or four different lifetimes already. I'm braver now. That's for sure. I've learned a lot about the realities of how the world works but at the same time realized more than ever how important it is for me to retain and maintain my innocence. It's part of what connects me to the divine.

What are you working on now?

I am rehearsing my band for The Make Up's album release tour. I have a group of super talented musicians I'm very proud to be working with: Mitch Mitchell on keys, Brian Ferrell on guitar, Ariel Weissberger on drums, Nikki D'Agostino on sax and synth, with my good friend and fellow singer/songwriter Greg Serebuoh singing backup. I'm so excited about the show we're creating and the music we're going to write together for my next album! 
Check out The Make Up at http://itunes.com/danpaul

Art by Dan Paul, "Back to the Basement"
We caught up with Dan shortly after the release of his new CD to get a closer look at this super talent. He tells us about his move to New York, his coming out and an upcoming tour.