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LGBTI Out Music Artists Community

Congrats on your new album, “Captivated”! How does this album differ from your past recordings?
Thank you so much Marlee, I am so proud of “Captivated.” I would have to say that the amount of “confidence” that I have with this project is partly due to the very talented producer I collaborated with. In past recordings I wore so many different hats, for “Captivated,” I let go of everything and trusted the vision of my producer Willie Ray Lewis. 

Let us in on your writing process. Do you tend to find your melody or lyric ideas first? When do you know a song is finished and ready to produce?
No question, I always start with a subject, then melody, then finally lyrics. This has always been my formula for writing. Only when I am 100% sure that the demo is complete, is when I know the song is ready for production. The tempo and arrangement can be changed, but I never compromise on my vocal melody lines or lyrics. 

Do you have a favorite cut on this album and why?
Omg, That is hard one, I have so many favorites. I guess the one that comes directly to mind is “Dippin’ Skinny.” It is a high energy summer song, with no direct message, just a fun song with a southern gospel edge. A little side note Marlee; I test my rapping skills on the this track...lol

What was the best part of working with your producer, Willie Ray Lewis?
We just had so much fun! It was such an easy and natural collaboration, friendship, and a mutual hunger for music. Willie challenged me vocally, and busted out amazing harmonies for me. Working with such an amazing professional musician is such a comforting thing. I met Willie through my partner and we immediately hit it off and started working on my album. He had been on break from producing Levi Kreiss at the time. It was a very organic how we worked together - When magic moments happens, as it always does with Willie, it will give him goose bumps, “goosies” as he calls it.

So sorry to hear about the passing this year of your father, producer, arranger and writer, Al De LoryHe must have been a very strong musical influence on you and your sister, Donna De Lory. What would you say are some of the best things he taught you about the music business?
Thank you Marlee. My father was a huge influence and inspiration to me. He taught me to dream big and to trust my musicality. He also used to remind me to always keep my vocals upfront in the mix, and know that a good song can have “legs,” and can walk on it’s own. “Without my father, I would not be music.”

A.D. DeLory talks about his new album, "Captivated" and his life is the music business
How was your “coming out” to your family? Did you feel any pressure to stay in the closet because of your music career?
I am blessed that I never had to come out to my family. I have an exceptional story, I guess because I come from a bloodline of artists and entertainers, that it was no shock that, when I started dating I just started bringing home “Scotts” instead of “Laurie’s.” I was told by my family that they would always like and trust whomever I brought home...and I guess I just took it to heart.

You started your singing career very young singing on commercials, and backing up other recording artists as well as lending your voice to the Disneyland, “it’s a Small World” attraction. Tell us how you feel the music industry has changed the most and whether these changes are positive or negative.
It is no question that the music industry has completely changed over the past few years. Music stores are now borderline obsolete, music is all digital now. I feel its absolutely a positive thing for us “Over 30’’ recording artists. It was just a few years ago, I felt like I had been boxed in as only a songwriter, and not as a recording artist only because I was not “Justin Biebers generation.” So many artists now have gone Indie, selling music with the internet at their fingertips, no more having to rely on a record labels for their success.... I remember saying to myself... “Game is back on.” 

What are your plans for promoting your new album?
I will be performing as many places as we can, as many cities as we can. I want to reach out to all my new and old loyal fans. Keeping in touch with my fans via social media. We are planning to be performing at several pride festivals this summer as well as clubs locally around Hollywood and surrounding cities...does that qualify as my tour?? lol

What do you hope people feel when they listen to it?
I have always loved music with energy, so I guess I want the listener to feel/relate to something I say in a song, or a phrase that catches their attention. Most of the album is diverse with many subject matters. I think everybody can relate to love, loss, celebration, promiscuity, or letting go of something. I think music can be so moving, and perhaps the strongest sense we have. You can hear a song, and it can transport you immediately back to a memory or a feeling or an emotion that can be so vivid. Music is very healing, so if I could put a smile on someone's face or spark a little dance break, it would all be worth everything to me.  

Is there anything else you'd like us to know about your new album ?
I was so blessed to have had my sister Donna De Lory come into the studio, and lend her vocals on one of my tracks “My Sweet Jolene.” A song about our sister Jolene that passed away a few years ago. At first I didn’t want to include it on the album, because it is such a sad personal song to me, then once again I trusted my producer (Willie Ray Lewis) to put in on the album. It started off as a lullaby then grew into such a celebratory piece that it was most definitely had to be on the album. I also included a song that Prince co-wrote with Martika, a song that she had a hit with back in the 80’s. It just spoke to me, and I knew in a split second that I wanted to cover it. This whole process was such an amazing experience. I am really proud of “Captivated,” and would love nothing more than to share it with the world.