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If that doesn’t make it crystal clear, then I
guess all I can say is that I’m a singer/songwriter,
originally from Sydney Australia, 
whose 4 self-produced albums have focused
lyrically,among other things, on love of the 
same-sex variety...(See Interview)
Matt Fishel
​Matt has crafted his own unique style of songwriting and production, with themes of sexuality, education, love and lust running through his work. His songs and lyrics deal openly with the joys, pains and experiences of growing up as a gay teenager and young man.
(See Interview)
Roger Anthony YOLANDA Mapes
Singer/Songwriter, Drag Artist, Painter, Comedian & Spiritual Leader - Rev. YOLANDA opens minds and hearts with his new CD and Live Shows
(See Interview)
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Kat Devlin
Rocking clubs from the House of Blues in West Hollywood to Santa Barbara’s SOhO. 
Kat has created a country-hipster sound that has attracted the attention of listeners near and far.
(See Interview)
Brett Every
A.D. DeLory
I always start with a subject, then melody, then finally lyrics. This has always been my formula for writing. Only when I am 100% sure that the demo is complete, is when I know the song is ready for production.
(See Interview)
 I have however seen how traumatic bullying can be on a person life especially if it’s over something they can’t change or control. I love my community and I feel like it’s my duty to be the voice from the other side.
(See Interview)

Shawn Thomas
We all have relationships that don’t work out - and that’s okay because we learn from those relationships. However, there was man I was involved with who had a son and there had already been a divorce.
(See Interview)
Young Kaii
I was inspired by the experiences I had with some of my EX's on some of these records believe it or not . Others by simply being in love or losing someone you thought was the one for you.
​(See Interview)
Kate Reid
Turns her own healing journey into helping others with a new CD, educational kits for schools and a new documentary.
(See Interview)
Summer Osborne
Video interview on tour in Vancouver, Canada talks about her new CD, "As I Am"
(Watch Interview)
Avi Wisnia
Prepares for his first TEDx talk on the Nature and Nurture of the Bossa Nova.
(See Interview and TEDx Talk)
Adam Joseph
The fun thing about being based
in Europe for a few months is that you never know where you might end up!
(See Interview)
Unspoken Concept
Being successful means being able to do what we love and 
what we have a passion for and having our music known internationally despite our orientation. (See Interview)
Levi Kreis
The mind is a muscle you flex. If you don’t decide to use your mind, it will use you. 
(See Interview)
Josh Duffy
I'm not sure if there really is a secret to sustaining a relationship. I know what I signed up for and I stand beside him.
(See Interview)
Dan Paul Roberts
 I had a huge breakup that, though it was painful at the time, ended up being the fuel that propelled me and my best friend, photographer Teresa Nasty, to come to the Big Apple and make our dreams come true. (See Interview)
Christine Martucci
Joined the army, that was so out of my element, but I needed a change I needed to see the world and The Army called me.
(See Interview)

Darren Ockert
Yes, I am in a relationship and I am married. This is first time I’m talking about this in public (See Interview)
bobby blue
bobby's new CD, "sunshine" is out and FREE- his influences, his biggest musical dreams and his personal life, all here... (See Interview)
Award winning, Out R&B/Soul artist Nhojj Song releases his 5th studio album and for those of you who love to be in love, this one's for you!
(See Interview)
A brand new CD from Folk artist and activist, Linq.
(See Interview)