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LGBTI Out Music Artists Community
Terry Christopher is a New York City based award winning singer-songwriter who enjoys promoting and championing his fellow LGBT music makers and video visionaries!  Terry’s music has been played on many LGBT and mainstream programs here in the U.S. and featured in independent programming in South America and throughout Europe, has been recognized with 8 consecutive songwriting grants from ASCAP, as member of Songwriter's Hall of Fame and a voting member of The Grammy Organization.  
In 2008, Terry began his United For The Ride Concert series helping to raise money in the fight against HIV/AIDS with the concert series 4th event taking place in 2012. Along with Stephen Sims, Terry helped to create the successful Out In The Woods LGBT music event for Easton Mountain. 
Terry is the very proud recipient of the RightOutTV  Award for Best Live Video for his song, Man Enough, which features the talents of fellow singer-songwriters, Dan Manjovi & Morry Campbell.
Terry Christopher asks LGBT artists from around the world about the story behind their songs & videos
Interview with Norine Braun  - "Ballad of Magic Man"
Norine Braun  - "Ballad of Magic Man" video
Interview with Matthew Duffy  - "Clever Lover"
Matthew Duffy  - "Clever Lover" video
Interview with Nhojj  - "Love"
Nhojj  - "Love" video
Interview with Shawn Thomas ~ "The Other Side"
Shawn Thomas ~ "The Other Side (Psalm 121)" video
Interview with Kevin Wong ~ "Legion of the Broken"
Kevin Wong ~ "Legion of the Broken" video
Interview with Matt Ryanz ~ "It's Never Enough"
Matt Ryanz ~ "It's Never Enough" video
Interview with Anna Gutmanis ~ "The Rain"
Anna Gutmanis ~ "The Rain" video
Interview with Saturn ~ "Top of the World"
Saturn ~ "Top of the World" video
Interview with Perpetual Detour ~ "What if it Was You?"
Perpetual Detour - "What if it Was You?" video
Interview with Dave Hall ~ "There is a Night Watchman"
Dave Hall ~ "There is a Night Watchman" LIVE performance