Unspok3n Conc3pt
Changing the world through music 
and charity
Do you usually write from own experiences or from stories you've heard?

​Yes, we usually write our music from both personal experiences and from others that share their story with us or even things that we have helped friends with and family situations. We feel that the writing and song are genuine when it is something that you've experienced and can relate to, thus making the live performance of the song even better.  

What are your goals for the next five years?

We just recently added new editions to our group thus making us an official band, with Keyboardist Thaddeus Dingle and Drummer Laquant Brown. In the next five years we are wanting to record several albums and tour internationally. We would like to continue being independent and spread our music and sound around the world by touring and doing many music videos.

We would also like to give back and start charities as well. One in particular would be the fight to cure juvenile diabetes. Producer and singer of Unspok3n Conc3pt Shumain Scooby Singleton was diagnosed with type one diabetes at age 12 and has had to over come many obstacles because of it. "We want to give back to this by donation and doing events to fund raise for this cause because there are millions of kids that develop this disease simply by a hereditary trait. The JDRF or Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is a group of researchers, scientists and doctors that work tirelessly to develop a cure for this debilitating and at times deadly disease, but have a long way to go and this is definitely something that is very dear to me" says Scooby. 

What's your idea of being successful?

Being successful means being able to do what we love and 
what we have a passion for and having our music known 
internationally despite our orientation. Being able to break 
prejudices about the LGBT community and promoting music 
that proves that we are individuals like everyone else and that 
music is universal no matter who you are. 

​Do you perform live much or mostly promote your music 
on the internet?

We perform a lot ! We are known for our performances 
because of the shows we put on. We make our audiences feel like they are a part of the show. We have dancers, a live band and themes to tie into it all, but just as much as we perform we promote even more. It's very important to us to do so because there are listeners who can't be in the audience or at our performances, so promoting online gives us the opportunity to reach out to them.

Do you consider yourselves perfectionists? If so, how do you deal with letting something go and released to be heard and judged?

We are perfectionists to an extent. We want to put out great quality music yet we are humble. We love feedback because at the end of the day it will bring us one step closer to the perfection we seek. Music is constantly evolving and we understand everyone may not particularly like your style and or music, but feedback allows us to truly please our listeners.

What is something we may not know about you?

One thing about Unspok3n conc3pt that you may not know is member, singer and song writer Cheray Rage is a Professional dancer and Choreographer. She teaches dance classes in styles of Hip hop. Jazz, and Contemporary and is also the Choreographer for Unspok3n Conc3pt's videos and performances. She has been dancing since she was 6 yrs old and teaching since she was 13. Cheray Rage is known in the dance community as Neasy. She debuted Internationally on MTV as a coach on the show "MADE" where she taught a boy that was not so popular how to become a hip-hop dancer. She was also featured on the Fox hit show "So you think you can dance" seasons 2 and 3.

Tell us about your family. Anyone else have musical talent? 

Both of us come from a heritage deeply rooted in music. 
Scooby's father, Isreal Singleton started playing piano when he 
was 6yrs old simply because his mother mentioned that she always 
wanted to play, but her parents could not afford the $.25 to send her 
to lessons. He went on to become a music teacher, recorded 
quartet singer and musician for 2 churches in which he is actively 
playing today. Cheray Rage's mother Alterea Gilliard is a singer 
and vocal coach and her father Gerald Griffin is a guitar player. 
They have been on the music scene well before Cheray Rage was 
born and continue to gig in Charleston, SC.

Do you have other artistic talents? Painting, Sculpting?

Besides music, we both have many other talents. Cheray Rage 
builds websites and designs graphics for upcoming businesses 
events and Scooby is a culinary beast, but collectively they love kids and manage a dance troop made of kids ranging from 7-13 yrs old called the "Grooveminis". This is their way of providing opportunities for children to gain exposure to the dance industry, learn how to build a professional resume, develop friendships and team building skills all in a fun and safe environment free of charge.  

Words I live by are.....

We create the world we live in are words that this duo lives by. It is their foundation and really speaks to who they are and what their vision is. It is simply explained Cheray Rage says; "we have the opportunity everyday to make this world a different place and if the world is not how you want it to be then you have the power to change it."

If you could go back and say one thing to your teenage self, it would be ...

​Cheray Rage just turned 27 on January 14th and Scooby will be 34 on June 2nd. As they look back to their teenage years they both agree that they would tell their younger selves to never give up and to keep going because you will never know how close you are to finishing the race if you stop in the middle.

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UnSpok3n Conc3pt are Independent music artists based out of Charleston, SC. The dynamic duo consists of Cheray Rage and Scoob Dude who are also owners/engineer/producers of "Pretty Sneaky Tracks" productions. 

They render a style cultivated by a love of music and music alone. 

They received 2nd place, honorable mention in the 2013 RightOutTV Music & Video Awards Fan Fave Vote!
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