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Video Interviews

LGBTI Out Music Artists Community
Megan Lane
Kate Reid & Evalyn Parry
Norine Braun
Tret Fure with C. Mist Harman
Nancy Laberge and the Backyard Betties
Arro Verse
Tyrell Witherspoon
Robert Urban with 
C. Mist Harman
Sonia from Disappear Fear
Jess McAvoy
Matthew David ~ Part 1 & 2
Jeffery Straker, Athena Reich, Dudley Saunders, Gary Novikoff, Suzanne Nuttall, Nhojj and Marlee Walchuk from Sugarbeach at the OUTmusic Awards
Jeffery Straker
Jason Walker interview and LIVE performance at the 2012 OUTMusic Awards
Summer Osborne & Sarah McCracken on tour 2015
Video Interviews and LIVE Performances