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FlyKingI gives us the scoop on his unexpected experience as a gay rapper
Where did you grow up?
Straight outta Compton!!! Compton, California.

At what point did you decide to start an indie rap career?
Well I was originally a part of a group and after I found my creative niche and sound I decided to go solo.

Did you have any challenges entering into a traditionally homophobic area of the music business? 
Not really, at least for me anyway. Most people like my music before they realize my sexuality. Or they see that I’m in the top 50 on reverbnation or have hundreds of thousands of views and among other things. When you do well people have to respect you no matter what traditions they may be used to. I have worked with and have gotten thumbs up from a lot of males in the game talent and hustle will triumph over homophobia!

Your costumes are fantastic. Do you design them yourself or does someone do it for you?
First of all thank you sooooo much :-D
I actually have my own stylist @InstylewithIna and she does a wonderful job. Sometimes she makes things for me, something I purchase and something’s she has pulled out of the stores for me but we definitely put a lot of thought into the costume department.

How often do you write? Tell us about your process.
I’m a pretty random writer lol. I’ll be like at the mall or something and see something funny and write it down and then hear a track or beat and go from there. It usually takes me 20-45 mins to write a full song with chorus and bridge if I realllllllly like the instrumental.

Anti-bullying is a prominent message in your music. Did you have any personal experience with bullying as a kid?
I was always a very popular person growing up and I was born with the ability to defend myself verbally so I did experience harassment for who I was but I was always able to flip it back around. I have however seen how traumatic bullying can be on a person life especially if it’s over something they can’t change or control. I love my community and I feel like it’s my duty to be the voice from the other side.

Do you currently have a special someone in your life? If so, how did you meet?
Noooooooo! And that’s so bad with ‘V-Day’ right around the corner but im 100% single and if there are any cute readers out there hit me up so we can mingle lol ;-D

Tell us something about you that we can’t find in your bio.
Well I attended the infamous Carson High School where artist like Ab Soul, Kevin McCall, Alori Joh went. Our mascot was the Colt and I was the mascot for 3 years lol! I was cool though I used to wear diamond earrings and have on the new Jordan’s and letterman jacket with it and I used to kill it!!! Once I was performing at Halftime at the Home Depot Center ( David Beckams home stadium ) and my Colt head came off but everyone thought I did it on purpose so it worked out for the best lol.

What is next for you?
Well I just signed a management deal with Paiday inc and with that a lot of HUGE things I can’t talk about right now. I’m working on my next mixtape, just shot a reality show pilot of PBS, just shot 2 videos last week and imp also re-releasing ‘The Closet Chronicles EP’ and filming the ‘Rude Skywalker’ video next month. I’m sending over some pics from one of the videos I shot last week for a single called ‘’ Lime Lite ‘’ which will probably be the first thing you see from Flykingi this year among a ton of other things :-*


The Flykingi has been diligently working on his newest to be released mixtape ' Sorcery '.

He recently shot a visual to a new freestyle entitled 'Lime Lite' to be featured on the mixtape with a visual to the Cory Bold produced anthem 'Rude Skywalker' being shot next week.

The FlyKingi will also be coming to a city near you this spring via 'The Resurrection of Hip Hop World Tour' sponsored by Ciroc and presented by Paiday Inc. The tour will headline 3 Major Mainstream hip hop artists to be announced soon & the entire Paiday Inc roster which includes Flykingi. Check out the official theme song HERE & stay tuned for the official launch and announcement coming 4/20/2013.

Flykingi will be the only openly gay act on the tour.