A new CD, another nomination for Best French Artist for the Barcelona French awards (He won in 2012) and his single "amour d'hiver hit the top 2 in Spotify as most listened just one week after it's release. 

Edmond talks to RightOutTV about his new CD, "la neige en plein été,", his proudest moments and much more!
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What’s different about this CD from others you've released?

This CD shows a totally opposite image to the one I was trying to reflect before. It’s a lot more personal and emotional. It’s like an invitation to my intimacy.

Tell us about the CD cover and what inspired the images.

The CD cover design was made by Aram Domingo but I took the picture on the cover. I took it where I grew as a kid and some parts were used in the latest music videos.

How much input do you give through the producing process?

I give it all as I’m the producer so I have to decide by myself what I’m going to release. It seems easy but it’s really not. To have an objective point of view on your own work is a really tough part of the work. I often ask friends to give me their advice or make them listen some new songs and get their feedback.

Which song on your CD is the most emotionally exposing? How did you feel about putting that out there?

I think the most emotionally exposing song is “amour
d’hiver”. I wrote the lyrics in four languages so that only
my true self would express on it. Usually, when I write 
the lyrics in various languages, it’s because I need to 
express something that only exists in the language I’m 
talking. I was scared at first to expose it but I got a 
wonderful present from my niece who sent me a video 
of a complete choreography on this particular song that 
she created and it gave another dimension to it. 

How do you plan to market your new release?

4 music videos have been released so far. For 4 weeks, before the release of the album, there was a new teaser every Monday and the full music video on Friday. Last Friday was Valentine’s day and also the release of the new album “la neige en plein été” (the snow in full summer). It’s been released both in physical CD and MP3 format.

Do you usually write from your own experience or from stories you've heard?

All the songs I wrote are about my experiences and/or sometimes fantasies. I don’t remember having written lyrics for some stories I've heard.

How much control do you like to have over the production of your music?

I have the full control as I’m also the producer. I had a deal with a 
U.S. label but broke it because they wanted me to be someone I’m 
not. They wanted me to change the titles of my song, get a new 
cover. It had nothing to do with me anymore so I decided to 
manage it on my own.

What are your thoughts on the importance social 
networking? Which ones do you focus on and why?

I do love social networking and spend most of the day on it. 
I focus on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The goals are really 
different and I don’t always send the same message on every media.

What is your idea of being “successful?”

Being successful is to be able to make your audience feel the music in its pure state. Making them feel emotions. Just seeing someone feeling something with my music makes it like a success.

What is your proudest career moment so far?

There were two moments actually. The first one was when I won the prize of the best French artist here in Barcelona, for the Barcelona French Awards in 2012. And the second one was my performance at the Razzmatazz (biggest electro club in Barcelona). I got the prize from the audience for the best performance on that night. These are precious memories.

What really scares you?

Everything that cuts. I do hate knives and have
a kind of phobia of them. I’m also scared of the 
blank page (but this is an artist phobia).

How do you feel the fight for human/equal 
rights is going?

Living in Spain, I can’t complain about the 
situation we have here for the gay community. 
We can get married, adopt children. France 
came to this also recently and I’m feeling really 
proud of it. I’m still wondering if, one day, 
everybody in Europe will have the same rights.

Do you have other artistic talents? Painting? Sculpting?

I actually used to draw a lot before. I wanted to become a mangaka (manga drawer) but I ended up focusing on my music career. I sometimes miss it and would like to start again. I’m feeling also so proud of my best friend, Frederique, who became a real mangaka and is getting quite a lot of success (https://www.facebook.com/frederique0613).

What do you find most attractive in someone?

The first thing is the look and the expressions of the eyes. Next thing I check, are the hands.