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What people are saying about RightOutTV
RightOutTV launches new website
RightOutTV , the LGBTi music video internet TV channel, has launched a new website -- RightOutTV.com. Created, produced and hosted by Tully Callender and Marlee Walchuk , the personal and professional partners of the lesbian pop singing duo Sugarbeach, the site now features some 60 LGBTi recording artists.
Started last November with 37 artists, the RightOutTV was created by Callender and Walchuk as a place where LGBT artists could share their music with the community with links to the artists' websites and their videos. Monthly featured artist interviews help audiences get to know the artists.
"Since launching the RightOut TV channel in November, we have doubled the amount of artists showcased," the duo reports. "In order to present the artists more individually and in-depth, we felt we needed to go beyond the TV channel and create a bigger broader website resource. We’d also like RightOutTV.com to be a useful visual source for Pride organizers and event coordinators who are looking to hire queer entertainment for their festivals and events."
Edie Stull - The Examiner (Feb 10, 2011)
Memories of a dark choir practice room, singing Indigo Girls Closer To Fine a cappella, rush at me as I delve into the globally accessible web TV channel RightOut TV. Music videos of solely LGBT artists?!
I can’t help but wonder what my life would have been like if RightOut TV had been there for me as a teen, with Ani DiFranco’s In or Out to break my fast instead of Michael Jackson’s Thriller scaring me silly, before I had to walk in the dark to my early morning school bus. Would I have pierced my nose? Shaved my head? Or would I have dared to ask that girl to the dance?
Probably not, but I do know I would have been a lot more comfortable with myself if I had been humming Sugarbeach’s I Just Love Girls instead of looking for zombies at every corner as I headed off to that wonderland we call high school.
Today we are lucky to have the sweet tunes of the Sugarbeach duo, Tully Callender and Marlee Walchuk at the click of a mouse. Creators, producers and hosts of web TV channel RightOut TV give us the choice to watch global live streaming music video or any of the saved videos, interviews and performances from LGBT artists throughout the community.
True to the nature of a new and emerging community, many of the artists are as yet unknown. With the music video Love by Nhojj climbing to the #1 spot on the MTV Music Top 100 chart on March 9th 2010 and Sugarbeach nominated for “Outstanding International Song Of the Year” by Outmusic Awards 2009 NYC, RightOut TV is sure to be the place to go for LGBT performances wherever you are located.
Hook your large speakers up to the computer or better yet play them right from your TV if you can, the bigger the screen the better, and go check it out! I’ve already placed a few new songs on my to-download list.
Patti Reeves - The Seattle Lesbian (Dec 30, 2010)
As Sugarbeach, Vancouver's lesbian pop/dance duo, began creating their own music videos they soon discovered that there was something missing: a globally accessible online video channel where openly queer artists could easily share their music and videos. So rather than lament the lack of such a video channel they did something about it and launched Right Out TV.
Created, produced and hosted by Vancouver lesbian duo Marlee Walchuk  & Tully Callender of Sugarbeach, Right Out TV is what they are referring to as "a place where the global LGBTQ community can view a constant stream of music videos from 'out' artists telling their stories."
"Now, maybe more than ever, queer youth need mentors and role models from our community," explained Walchuk and Callender. "Here they will see pioneers like Tret Fure from the United States to newcomers like Australian Jungal and be exposed to artists they may not have otherwise come across".
Along with the videos, Right Out TV will also feature interviews with the artists, public service announcements and even live performances.
Sugarbeach are not only partners in music they are partners in real life having married recently after having met in Tully's native Australia. Forming Sugarbeach in 2007, the couple released their first album, "I Just Love Girls" in 2008 which stayed at #1 on the GLBT top 40 OutVoice chart for three months. The duo's second album, "Not Deserted" was released in July 2009 and were nominated for Outstanding International Song of the Year at the 2009 OutMusic Awards for their song "Mama I Love Her".
Mark Robins - Gay Vancouver (Dec 8, 2010)
Lesbian pop duo Sugarbeach launches RightOutTV stream of LGBT musicians.
Marlee Walchuk  and Tully Callender of the music duo Sugarbeach are two women after my own heart. As out musicians, Walchuk said that as Sugarbeach was releasing their own videos, there were few sites to put them on save for getting swallowed up on YouTube. “There was nothing on the ‘net I found where people could see videos of queer artists,” Walchuk said. “Plus, I would mention queer artists I knew of, but no one heard of them. We saw a need and decided to fill it.”
And RightOutTV was born. The streaming video site features only videos from out LGBT musicians. The ladies worked on compiling artists and getting the basic site up for the last two months, and on Oct. 31 it went live. As far as Walchuk has found, theirs might be the only site providing the service. “It’s been a great process and we could be the only ones, but I’d hate to say that in case there’s one in Budapest doing the same thing,” she joked.
Now she and Callendar can get people clued in on gay artists and help present them to the rest of the world. Right now, the site features five hours of streaming video from various artists. They are working on putting more up, but that costs money. Right now, the site is all out of pocket. “We wanted to get it rolling and didn’t want anything to stop us, so basically we went with LiveStream, a free channel. Five hours is all we can do right now for free but that’s still a lot,” she said. “We’re going to work on getting a sponsor or some funding and bring it to a totally different level. With advertisers or money coming in, we can have better streaming and more storage capacity.”
Which means right now, they have to put up with Google ads on the page and in the stream. “Yeah. Sometimes we get Billy Graham ads that pop up,” she said.
Yikes — someone get them cash quick! 
Richard Lopez - Dallas Voice  (Nov 1, 2010)
RightOut TV Brings LGBT Music Videos to the Web.
Tully Callender and Marlee Walchuk  of the lesbian dance/pop singing duo Sugarbeach launched their RightOut TV LGBT Music Video Web TV channel on Halloween. Created, produced and hosted by the personal and professional partners, the channel is streaming music videos, interviews and live performances around the clock. Callender and Walchuk got the idea for RightOut TV when they were creating their own music videos but couldn’t find a globally accessible TV station where LGBT artists could share their videos.
So far 37 artists have signed on to the project. While some of the entertainers may not be known to LGBT audiences, Callender and Walchuk hope that RightOut TV will spread the word in the community. “That was the biggest excitement to us that we could actually get these people exposed to the gay world,” Walchuck says. “We have YouTube and One More Lesbian and there is Logo in the U.S. but we cannot access it here in Canada... we really wanted something that would go to every country,” Walchuk says.
The women admit that getting the channel ready has been a full time job. “We want to make sure that the artists contact details are at the end of every video,” Callender explains. “I am creating another video that gives the contact details to show after the person’s video... We’ve got some ‘It Gets Better’ PSAs so they have to be in the right place...” The women also had to convince LiveStream, which hosts the channel, that they had the proper permissions to use the artists’ videos. Their attention to detail help them cross that hurdle.
The duo records intros and currently is using their living room as a studio. “We have big professional lights and a backdrop and the two of us got dressed up and had some fun,” Walchuk says. “It is quite tricky,” Callender says. “We realized you can’t just read their bios because it is really boring... So we tried to find something particularly interesting or quirky about that person.” 
Edie Stull - She Wired (Nov 1, 2010) 
RightOutTV is about the coolest thing out there. Not because they're allowing us to share in what they do, and not even because they have collected some of the most amazing LGBT artists out there (my current fave is Ember Swift) But because they're allowing us to swell with ONE unified voice and say to the industry mainstream, "look at what you're ignoring! Are you out of your mind?!
 Grrlz Will be Boiz
Very nice, such warm & familiar faces. ;-) Always amazed, but you know that.
Len Rogers (Outvoice Top 40 Chart, Stonewall Society, Pride in the Arts Awards)
Marlee and Nathalie: Many, many thanks for setting up this great network for our community! You both are terrific!
Dan Manjovi
RightOutTV announces nominees for its inaugural music video awards
The last time I wrote about RightOutTV, they were just getting started with their mission of providing an outlet for music videos by LGBT musicians. A year later, the site is about to give out its first awards. They posted the nominees for the first RightOutTV Music Video Awards. OK, it’s not MTV, but the channel, started by Sugarbeach duo Marlee Walchuk and Tully Callender, has remained committed to their mission and the list is a healthy representation of the past year’s offerings by queer musicians. They even have judges!

Texas didn’t fare too well in the nominees list. Actually, it didn’t fare at all. But several artists that we have reported on made the cut including Sonia & Disappear Fear with three noms, Nhojj with two and Melissa Ferrick with one. There are some impressive videos in the bunch but I’m kinda pulling for Yovanni’s “Hello.” The production on that is insanely good.
Rich Lopez - Dallas Voice.com (Oct 31, 2011)

2011 RightOutTV Music Video Awards: And The Nominees Are…
After a month of viewing videos in 12 categories, a panel of judges comprised of industry professionals from all corners of the music business and from radio, publishing, press, promotion and production have nominated the finalists for the first ever RightOutTV Music Video Awards. RightOutTV co-producers Marlee Walchuk and Tully Callender are the award winning duo Sugarbeach and started RightOutTV in November of last year after realizing there were few places to release their own queer-messaged music videos.
The award nominations include 40 different Out LGBTI music artists from around the globe. “The judges had a tough time deciding on the nominees with such a strong and diverse range of talent and they all mentioned how much they enjoyed the process,” says Walchuk. “Craig Zurba from MR&D Studios emphasized how impressed he was with the quality and emotional impact of the videos.” Donna Britton from Shadow Mountain Publishing graciously offered one free 6-month membership for the winner in the Pop/Rock Pro Category as well as discounted memberships for all of the winners in the other categories. This will enable these Out LGBTI artists to promote their songs for film and television. That’s a huge opportunity.
The categories range from pop to rock to jazz and roots with different categories given to artists who had the funds to do their video professionally versus those who made their videos on their own. Check out the full list of nominees below. Winners will be announced on November 27.
Tyrell Witherspooon - Homorazzi (Oct 31, 2011)  
WATCH: Transgender Zombies Take Manhattan in Music Video
Up for a Right Out Award, cantador StormMiguel Florez releases his first music video.
Just in time for the Right Out TV Music and Video Awards, transgender cantador StormMiguel Florez has released first music video to celebrate his nomination. The video for Florez's popular song "I've Been To Manhattan" has a heartbroken zombie who finds his true nature in this ode to the legendary cocktail of the same name. Sounding like a sexier transgender answer to Johnny Cash, Florez is a Mexican-American folksinger to watch out for, and the video is chock full of of other trans pop-cultural cameos from other San Francisco-based artists including indie rocker Shawna Virago and dancer Sean Dorsey.

Florez is up for a Right Out Award in two categories: Best Video DIY (along with Blinded by Stardust, Charles K Brown, Kat Devlin, Brett Every, Sonasfly, Corday) and Fan Favorite (along with a number of other LGBT artists including Melange LaVonne, Ladi G, and Grrlz Will Be BoiZ).The awards are meant to honor the contributions of out LGBTI musicians and fans can vote on the latter category until tomorrow at RightOutAwards.com.Winners will be announced October 29.
Advocate.com - Diane Anderson-Minshall (Oct 16, 2012)
Celebrity Du Jour: British pop singer Darren Ockert now lives, records in Miami Shores
British pop singer Darren Ockert moved in 2010 to South Florida, where he recently recorded and released his new EP collection, The Rain From London. He and his partner live in Miami Shores. "I love it," Ockert said. "It’s like the sexiest city on the planet. Why wouldn’t you move to Miami?" Ockert is currently in New York City shooting music videos for the four-song EP: The Rain From London, Force Of Gravity, I've Moved On and This Modern Life (1984). The songs are "foreshadowing the album that will be out next year," Ockert says.
The EP already has been nominated for four Right Out TV Awards, "the Canadian equivalent to Out Music Awards," Ockert said.

From the website:
RightOutTV Music & Video Awards promote and honor the contributions Out artists make to the LGBTI community and music industry.
RightOutTV was created to provide a visual and audio vehicle for LGBTI artists to tell their stories, share their talent and help unify the International LGBTI music community. The RightOutTV Mission is to support and raise awareness of Out artists who live authentically and openly in their lives and careers and to always have their best interests at heart. Winners will be announced Oct. 29.

Ockert's previous single, Celebrity du Jour, came out in 2009. The musician said that when he entered show business in the late 1990s, he wouldn't be in the closet. "I made the conscious decision when I started recording to be an out artist," he said. "I couldn’t be who I am if I didn't do that. It’s an aspect of me like my eyes are blue. It’s just one part of me, but to deny that part would not have been a good choice." Ockert said that growing up in Lincoln, a small city about three hours north of London, he had no out gay role models in the pop recording industry. "You kind of felt it, like Freddie Mercury of Queen, that internal radar thing," he said. "George Michael. Those artists weren’t out at the very beginning. If they had they might have given hope to the kids. You’re not a complete artist if you're not completely open about yourself."
He believes "we are moving into a much more integrated society." "Music is universal. We're all human and it affects us the same way. I write about experiences I've had and stories I've been involved in," he said. "I don’t want to be separatist: that’s gay, that’s straight.
Ockert avoids using pronouns when he writes songs.
"I want the music to be universal," he said. "I want the lyrics to be universal so that anyone can sing them."
Miami Herald.com - STEVE ROTHAUS (Oct 15, 2012)